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Bouncel is a AI-driven platform that matches and sorts CVs with user-defined text prompts, helping companies and HR teams hire prime candidates faster and more efficiently.

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Their system captures the essence of a candidate’s expertise like no other.

Finally, a tool that understands the context, not just keywords. A game-changer for our HR team.

The depth and accuracy are unparalleled. We’re redefining our hiring process with this!

Empowering enterprises, startups, and agencies to match the perfect talent with precision and ease.

Maximize Hiring Efficiency with Advanced AI

Harness the power of machine learning to automate and optimize your talent acquisition process. Dive deeper into CVs, evaluate nuanced language patterns, and match the right talent with the right job, all while saving invaluable time and resources.

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Adaptive & Universal Talent Acquisition

Move beyond the limitations of traditional models. With a holistic approach, our system understands candidates’ depth and breadth, making it suitable for diverse hiring scenarios, from consulting firms to high-turnover industries.

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Reduce manual HR tasks by 90% with our AI. Focus more on strategy and less on sorting.

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Adaptable to over 40% more hiring scenarios. Ideal for dynamic markets and diverse needs.

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CVs analyzed globally, ensuring every applicant gets a fair, in-depth evaluation.

Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition with AI

Smart Evaluation

Beyond keyword scanning, we delve into the essence of an applicant's expertise, ensuring holistic understanding and matching against intricate job requirements.

Contextual Analysis

Harnessing the power of transformer models, our system appreciates the depth and context in CVs, outperforming traditional keyword-based tools.

Broad Applicability

From startups to large corporations, our adaptive system caters to a wide range of hiring scenarios, offering unmatched versatility.

Time Efficiency

Streamline the talent acquisition process, reducing administrative burdens and enabling HR teams to focus on strategic interactions and decisions.

Flexible pricing for your business

Basic Model

Explore the capabilities of our prototype model in talent acquisition.


/month with 5,000 evaluations

Advanced Model

Harness the power of our next-gen machine learning for unparalleled accuracy in talent evaluations.


/month with 10,000 evaluations for advanced model

Enterprise Solution

Initiate with a model crafted for your needs; then perfect it through our collaborative feedback-driven process.

Custom Pricing

Reach out to our sales team for a tailored quote.

Any questions? we’ve got your answer

1. How can I integrate and utilize your product in my hiring process?

Our applicant tracking system is designed for seamless integration with existing HR platforms. Once integrated, you can begin uploading resumes and job descriptions. Our AI-powered system will then analyze and match candidates based on the intricacies of their experiences and the requirements of the job. Additionally, we provide a user-friendly dashboard where you can monitor the evaluation process, review shortlisted candidates, and get insights that can help refine your hiring criteria.

2. When will your product be available for trial or sign-up?

We are in the final stages of product refinement and are gearing up for a broader launch. We anticipate opening up for beta testing in the coming months. Interested users can register on our website to be notified when the trial version is available and stay updated on our official launch date.

3. What is the core functionality of your applicant tracking system?

Our system is designed to streamline the most time-consuming aspects of talent acquisition using advanced machine learning techniques. This includes sorting through resumes, matching skills, and shortlisting potential candidates. By leveraging advanced language models, we aim to enhance evaluation quality akin to traditional HR but with improved scalability and efficiency.

4. How does your solution differ from existing CV parsers and classifier algorithms?

Unlike traditional tools that often rely on keyword matching and are limited to specific scenarios, our solution understands the context within each document. It captures the essence of a candidate's expertise and matches it with the intricate requirements of a job, ensuring a deeper, more holistic understanding of an applicant's experience.

5. Who is your target audience?

We primarily focus on consulting companies, large corporations, startups, SMEs, recruitment agencies, and industries with high turnover rates such as retail and hospitality. Our system is adaptable and caters to various hiring needs without sacrificing accuracy.

Track the Future of Automated HR with Us

Our goal is to dramatically elevate the extent of HR task automation, reshaping the landscape of talent acquisition. By subscribing, you’re joining us on a journey towards significant breakthroughs. Stay informed about our progress and milestones as we aim to revolutionize HR processes.

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